How To Succeed With A Weight Loss Program

How To Succeed With A Weight Loss Program

How can we make the changes we achieve with diet and exercise permanent? Following these tips we can achieve great success in weight loss and, above all, in maintaining us, perhaps the most difficult.

How to have extra in a weight loss program

1.     Commitment

Weight loss requires time, effort and a lifelong commitment. We must ensure that we are ready to make permanent changes in our habits and that we do it for important reasons.

It takes a lot of mental and physical energy to change the habits, so it is important to have “organized” other problems that are part of everyday life, such as financial issues or small couple conflicts. Once we are ready to start the weight loss plan, we will set a start date and begin the change.

2.     Motivation

No one can do more to lose weight than we ourselves. We will carry out the changes in the diet and in physical exercise looking for the personal satisfaction.

We will make a list of what is important to us and that will undoubtedly keep us motivated and focused. It may be the next vacation or improving our health, but in any case it is important to keep it always present to help us stay motivated.

How To Succeed With A Weight Loss Program3.     Objectives

It may seem obvious to want to set realistic goals for weight loss, but do we really know what is realistic? Thinking about the long term, it is best to set a weight loss interval of 0.5 kg to 1 kg weekly. To get this mint will be necessary to spend daily between 500 kcal and 1,000 kcal, reducing energy intake and increasing expenditure through a training program.

4.     Satisfaction

The adoption of a new style of food that allows weight control should include a reduction in total calorie consumption. But decreasing the amount of calories does not mean giving up the satisfaction of eating and even the ease of preparation of food. One of the most practical ways to reduce energy intake is to eat more plant foods.

In the end, it is about finding ways to continue eating what we like differently and more controlled, as well as seeking new gastronomic satisfactions in healthier foods.

5.     Physical activity

Performing physical exercise offers many health benefits, such as improving mood, strengthening our cardiovascular system and lowering blood pressure. But exercise also helps us lose weight by burning off excess calories that we cannot get by just introducing changes in our diet. Recent studies have shown how weight loss programs that include physical activity as a supplement are more effective in the long run.

 6.     Change of perspective

For successful weight loss it is not enough to eat healthy foods or exercise for a few weeks or even months, so that we achieve our goals we must think long term, a long term that includes a lifetime.

Even though we have some setbacks, we must go ahead with the change in our habits, in the long run a healthy lifestyle is worth it.

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