How To Imbibe Greenery In Your Daily Diet?

Almost everybody knew that green diet is the best diet if you want to have a healthy and long life. Due to the proliferation of fast food culture, people are consuming burgers, hot dogs and pizzas that do more harm than good. It is vital to make the diet greener in order to the essential vitamin and nutrients. Let’s analyze how it is possible.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

Green Vegetables:

Who can deny the power of green vegetable that is rich source of vitamins and iron? Apart from boosting the immune system of the body, they also increase hemoglobin level in the body. They also imbibe protein, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acids. Some of the options for the foodies include collards, carrot, bok Choy and much more.


People who are not very fond of salads can log on to green juices that are not only tasty but healthy too. Blend all the greens into perfect smoothies and also add fruits to spice up the taste. It is instrumental in breaking down the green plants so that micronutrients are supplied to the body. It is far more effective than chewing vegetable whole day long.

Popular Scrambles In The Breakfast:

People having egg scrambles in the breakfast can add tofu to the eclectic mix to get the best results. It is a wonderful way to start the day as you consume lots of proteins and fibers all mixed into one. Greenery in breakfast will keep you going for a long period of time during the day.

Chilies And Tasty Soups:

Having green chilies is the best way to fight disease as it is one of the most important sources of vitamins. In addition, they are also mixed with soup to enhance the taste and the level of nutrition present in food.

Blended Sauces:

 While making sauces, blend spinach into the mixture and have it with the main course meal. Regular consume the sauce for a month or two and you may find the difference as far as health is concerned.

Toss Out Tortillas, Welcome Collards:

While consuming your favorite burrito, try to include big collard leaves but prior to using them cut out the stems and boil to eliminate the harmful microorganisms. Before having them along with the dish, make sure that the leaves are completely dried.


While making meatballs out of beef or turkey, you can always add copious amount of spinach to make it healthy and tasty. As a result, the body will obtain disease-fighting nutrients in an impeccable manner.

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