Beware Of Plastic Surgery! Know All The Precautions And Precautions

Catherine is a young woman but with an overweight problem that mortifies her, the same stress of being past kilos, makes her fatten more and more, sometimes she feels inferior to other people and complex. She does not know if her best option is to have surgery.

Plastic surgery can be your best ally, but also your worst enemy, but you take the necessary and adequate precautions and precautions.

Origin and applications

Modern plastic surgery was born at the end of World War I to treat wounded soldiers and facial malformations, as surgeons realized that they could use this technique to enhance and enhance the beauty of their patients.

In recent years, physical beauty and youth occupy an increasingly important place in society. Thanks to this social behavior, many people, who think and feel that they have imperfections in their face and in their body, go to plastic surgery to feel better.

Thanks to the enormous demand for plastic surgeries in the country, today you can find “Beauty Centers” or garage clinics in every block of Colombian capitals, offering all kinds of aesthetic treatments but without the care, experience and professionalism required. Therefore , it  is very important to make sure that the doctor who will perform the plastic surgery belongs to the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgeons, and that the center where the patient is to operate has the necessary technology to perform such procedures. (To check if the surgeon to be operated belongs to the Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery click here)

Plastic society

We live in an accelerated world, in which we want things for now and for this reason many people want to do, in the same surgical procedure, all the procedures : liposuction, breast implant and buttock filling, so that in a ” Close of eyes “have that” perfect “body that society proposes.

Plastic surgery 20 years ago was inaccessible to the middle class, only wealthy people had the option to access it, now it has become accessible to those who have a normal salary that is because prices have gone down by their Increasing demand.

Nowadays men are also vain as women, 10 years ago 5% of surgeries were performed by men, today they represent between 10% and 25% , as they also care about their physical beauty and their cosmetic perfection .

Preventions and care

The person undergoing invasive surgery should be aware of the risks they may cause to their body, including perforations at the level of the chest or abdomen or long-term deformities.

Before you undergo surgery you should investigate, ask and take all possible precautions before having surgery.

You can also make sure and ask what medicines or prostheses, if it is the case of implants, use and look for them at the National Institute of Food and Drug Surveillance – INVIMA-, so that you are surer of the scope that can bring that surgery in your health.

When you go to your surgery do not do it alone: ​​go with a person who is your trust, so that when leaving the procedure have a help or support, although you may not want to tell anyone, it is important and Sometimes it is obligatory to attend an escort on the day of surgery.

For the results of your surgery to be totally successful, get all the post-operative treatments you need. These include cares that you will have to carry out in your house and will be as diverse as medicines, girdles, rest or massages. Perform exactly what your doctor orders you, and call him in case you feel any abnormality in the post-operative process.

Some disorders

There are many psychological disorders around a person’s self-image. One of them is to be seen in the mirror much more robust or thin than it really is. This disease is called Dysmorphhophobia, also called body dysmorphic disorder or image distortion syndrome , and is characterized by distorted perception and body assessment that leads the patient to an exaggerated concern for some non-existent defect in their physical appearance.

The phobia of physical deformity is a fairly frequent clinical picture; those who possess the obsessive conviction of having a deformed part or whole body suffer anguish for their supposed “ugliness” and tend to have tiny imperfections assume immeasurable importance.

The debate over plastic surgery in the country is burning. Every day the number of men and women who go to the operating room increases to improve their physical appearance. The important thing is not whether or not the human need to be beautiful and healthy through aesthetic procedures should exist or not: the essential thing is that each person who wishes to operate is fully informed about the consequences and possible side effects of the surgery to be performed, To ensure that your doctor is a respected specialist in the field and that you provide all the guarantees for your surgery is given in the framework of a safe process. Every surgery carries a risk, if you want to take it, that it is in the best hands.

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