At What Age Can A Child Start Running? Swimming From When?

At What Age Can A Child Start Running Swimming From When

It is more than proven that sport is one of the pillars of a healthy life, so we have to teach our children from an early age to see sport as a game and not as an obligation.

At what age can a child start running?  Swimming from when?

Our children love to imitate what we do, for that reason if we like to run, there will come a time that they too will want to come, but sometimes we are doubtful about what age is the best for our child to start to run the swim.

According to doctors and coaches, the age at which a child can begin to run is from the age of five, since up to that age he has not yet acquired a certain maturity in the form and postures necessary to run and have more chances of to have an injury. This does not mean that we have to prevent our child from running until the age of five; we are talking about a prolonged exercise

Between 5 and 8 years it is recommended that running for them is a game. We can use options such as hiding place to catch, handkerchief etc. the objective here is not that our son acquires a technical way to run, but simply running seems fun and while he has a good time works his cardiovascular, respiratory system And works the muscles of his legs.

At What Age Can A Child Start Running Swimming From WhenBetween 8 and 12 years can already begin to teach technique to run and how to breathe not to get tired so much. You can also begin to propose challenges and encourage them to achieve them, always trying to make them fun and continue to play as a game, involving us with them to make them more attractive.

From the age of 12 our children evolve and develop at a vertiginous speed and it is a good age to start aiming for simple races such as 5 km, although your challenge here has to be to finish the race no matter As long as it takes. Its ease to get personal challenges and improve from this age is impressive, so if you really like this sport the natural step over the years will be the competition to overcome.

If on the other hand our son does not like to run, we should never force him. We must not forget that sport has to be seen as a game, we must try to find one that suits and is fun, and whenever possible we practice with it or directly involve in its results.

Another interesting option for our children to have fun doing sports is swimming, their evolutionary periods in progress are very similar to those of running, they can start swimming from 4 or 5 years and always without forgetting to make them relate as a game.

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