Angel Food Cake Or Angel’s Cake

Today I want to introduce you to a cake called angel food cake or angel biscuit. It has the peculiarity of not having yeast among its ingredients, even being very spongy. In addition, only egg whites, not yolks, are used. This form of preparation gives a lot of spongy and very soft texture. You have to try it to understand it. As for flavor, it is a delicate-flavored sponge cake. If you like powerful flavors, it is best to have some jam or some cream and you can enjoy its spongy texture while giving you an extra touch of flavor.

I had long had this recipe in mind, but I was always postponing it. When I decided, at last, I had to face which of the thousands of recipes that are on the net would choose to enjoy this sweet bite. The truth is that I had a hard time deciding to see the angel food cake made by Loli Domínguez (see here the original recipe on her blog) , excellent cook and bake said by the way, I asked her if she lent me her recipe and she, very Kindly said yes. So inspiring her and following her advice, I have managed to prepare my first angel food cake, which I hope you like and enjoy it.


  • 10 egg whites (310 g)
  • 200 g of sugar
  • 25 g vanilla sugar
  • 110 g of sifted wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 pinch of salt

Glass sugar to decorate

Mold for angel food cake or rigid (non-silicone) molded in the form of a thread. The mold I have used is 18 cm in diameter at the base, 25 at the top and 8 cm in height.


Preheat the oven to 175º C. This temperature is indicative because each oven has its little trick.

If your mold is not removable like mine, wrap the base with some baking paper. In the video I show you how.

Place the egg whites in a bowl large enough to fit. Add a pinch of salt that, in addition to enhancing the flavors, will help us mount the whites. Add the teaspoon coffee cream of tartar and assemble with the electric rods. When the whites whiten, add the sugar little by little to incorporate it completely. When the whites are bright and firm, stop beating. Add the flour, previously sifted, little by little. I have been adding the tablespoons one at a time, mixing with wrapping movements until having all the flour incorporated.

Preparation of the Angel food cake

Pour the dough into the mold without greasing and carry it to the oven at half height, with heat up and down. In my case it has been cooked in 35 minutes, but if you want it more golden, leave it a few more minutes. Click to check that it has completely set. If the skewer comes out clean, let it cool face down. If you are not going to use the specific mold for this cake, place it on top of a canned jar so that the sponge cake does not touch the surface of the marble. Allow to cool completely.

Once cold, knife to the edge, both inside and outside, to take it off. You have to be careful not to break it. Turn it over a tray and sprinkle the surface with sugar glass to taste. Now serve him! You can accompany it with jam or some cream.

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