8 Secrets To Living Longer Health

If you are a person interested in health and well-being, you will like to know success stories. Men and women, who have been able to lose 20 kg, stop smoking or simplify their life feeling much happier.

This is the case of Alessi Spencer, today a life coach and healthy person who managed to overcome their physical stagnation by applying keys that, for their simplicity and effectiveness, I have found worthy to convey on the blog.

And so he tells us:

How many of us have read welfare books, formulas to improve our life and endless health advice?

How many have spent countless hours surfing the Internet imagining how you can lose weight, gain self-esteem, stay younger? But that day never ends!

How many have we tried countless times changing our unhealthy habits to healthy ones?

I’ve done!

I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading self-improvement books, researching online the latest trends in diets, fat burning gadgets or pills. But he never really took action. Why?

Usually, it had one of these drawbacks:

I was too busy, so I sent an email or a link to a website as a pending task to review that interesting information, but did not re-read it.

Exhausted from thinking about how to change I prostrate in front of the television to watch programs meaningless losing that time that I did not have. I used to think that being healthy was going to be a drastic change in my life and I could not put it into practice at that time.

Surprisingly, in an incredible feat of overcoming procrastination and my fears, I began to change. I started with very small things like running out for ten minutes in the morning, making the purchase online, leaving bread and soft drinks in the food. I built each habit and repeated it for weeks.

What I soon realized was that the key was in my day-to-day habits. Focusing on these small changes allowed me to lose weight progressively, but, above all, to maintain that healthy state in the long run.

To get to the point, these are the 8 secret habits with which I achieved lasting health.

1. Immediate Action

Many times we do not take action because we think that the task required to change will take us too long. But here is where one of the most powerful guidelines for creating new habits applies. Concentrate on things you can do in a short time. If it will take less than 2 minutes to do so, do so immediately. Think of the number of jumps you can do in 2 minutes and start doing them!

2. Long-term commitment

When we think about changes we want to make we are not able to see “the complete picture” or the final goal fulfilled. The secret is to create a vision that you draw by achieving what you would like to achieve. It may not be your exact goal, but having a vision and remembering it every day will help keep you engaged while you keep track of the prize.

3. Daily repetition

Another thing that helped me make profound changes was to practice my new habits daily. Whatever your goals are whether you lose weight or get in shape, if you do not get involved daily in the habits necessary to make your way to your goal, you will never reach the final goal.

4. Intrinsic motivation

The psychology behind what motivates us is quite clear. If you focus on how complicated it will be to change you will be caught in a vicious circle. “I do not have time, this is not for me, I cannot,” etc. The key is to change the orientation with a results-based approach. Focus on what you are trying to create, what you will be able to do or have when you get to your goal, and you will remain intrinsically motivated. Motivation is like duch, it does not last long, and that’s why we recommend it every day. A way to ignite that motivation on a daily basis is to make it in a certain competitive way. Group challenges for e.g. losing weight, are a very powerful motivational tool.

5. Current Pain vs. Future Fear

Pain and fear do not allow us to progress. We are stagnant by our present pain and blinded by our future fears. But have you wondered what is the price of your present suffering and the cost of your future fears? Are you willing to stay overweight, with high tension and cholesterol, unable to rest, because you are afraid of failing in the future if you now try to change?

6. Programming and Reminders

The things that are programmed are the things that are done. If you want to take action and make changes you need to plan them. Put them on your calendar and schedule them with alarms on your cell phone and make sure you do not forget that walk at noon, drink the 4 glasses of water in the afternoon or spend time with your loved ones. The most powerful results are observed when you begin to program yourself and set reminders.

7. Responsibility

In a world where we are more connected than ever, it has been easier to stay in touch with friends, family and support networks. Make sure you are committing yourself to your goals by asking for support from your friends and family. Measure and publish your progress on Facebook, Twitter, etc. By telling others what you are striving for you are more likely to fulfill. 80% of dieters regain weight in 2 years. The most important part of my success in losing 10 kg was the support network with which I counted, people who encouraged me by sharing their difficulties and their achievements.

8. Diary of successes

One of the most important lessons I have learned is the importance of rewarding my efforts as I progress. This reward serves to anchor those healthy habits and good behaviors. When your mind feels the pleasure of reward it triggers a mechanism that says “yes, this is very good, I want more of this.” So be sure to take a minute to stop, record your progress and reward yourself in some way when you get a little achievement.

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