8 Bad Habits That Make Us Grow Old

That lifestyle influences how we keep ourselves is obvious and that certain customs make us age faster too.

 Have you ever thought that the way you look and feel when you reach your birthday will depend a lot on how you are living now?

Having good health means being able to make good decisions from the beginning and being able to identify the bad habits that ignite the red pilot of your health.

Well said and done, know eight of the worst habits identified by Every Day Health to accelerate the aging process:


It is no secret that smoking is bad for your health but did you know that it is also bad for your physical appearance? There are studies that have observed that in addition to shortening life by increasing the risk of cardiovascular and lung disease, smoking can activate enzymes that break down the elasticity of the skin. Even if you are an occasional smoker the wrinkles of expression and the pallor that originates tobacco on the skin, are yet another reason to turn off the cigarette.

Drastic diets

Who has not wanted to lose 8 kilos quickly for a wedding or vacation? Quick fixes are tempting, but miracle diets are not a good idea. In fact, these types of weight loss strategies can age you, reducing your energy level and affecting your ability to concentrate, generating feelings of depression and irritability. A quick diet can cause wrinkles and sagging; since mature skin has less elasticity and does not give you time to adjust to weight loss. Weighing the right is good for health, but it is not healthy to consider losing more than half a kilo per week.

 Not sleeping enough

You hear that the longer you are the less sleep you need, but to maintain optimum health you need seven to eight hours of sleep. Not enough sleep affects how we function during the day, health of the face and weight gain. If you usually go to sleep at a reasonable time but during the day you notice that you are dragging, consult your doctor to rule out sleep disorders such as apnea, more common in older people.

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Not eating enough fruit or vegetables

It is true that the more adult fewer calories are needed, however, if you want to age healthy and have a glowing complexion you need to get specific nutrients. Fast or prepared food, excess wheat or sweets, do not give you the micronutrients and minerals you need to get it. To make sure this contribution takes several fruits and vegetables of different colors a day. It also ensures you take in enough omega-3 fatty acids for your circulation and whole grains will fuel your hair and your skin. Next to you give you more eating tips.

Hold on to grudge

Life is too beautiful and short to live with rancor. Forgiveness, detachment can add years to your life and make them much more productive. You can even reduce wrinkles by stopping frowning , Forgiving gives you physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. There are studies that have measured the health effects of forgiveness and observed a reduction in blood pressure, less depression, less stress, and less anxiety.

Living with Stress

Nothing can deteriorate health more than stress. It has been proven that releasing stress helps prevent cognitive impairment and keep the mind young. If you want a quick solution to manage it every day pay attention to those thoughts about you or others that stress you and learn to release them, reprogram them and plan from the calm. Meditation, yoga and practical ideas in health and care webs can encourage   you to change the chip.

Do not exercise

Regular physical activity is essential for healthy aging, preventing heart disease, keeping stress at bay, etc. But one of the main reasons for doing so is to avoid injury from falls. A break limits the mobility and independence of the person. It has been proven that with only 30 minutes of walking three times a week you can reduce the risk of falls, the main cause of disabling injuries in the elderly. So you have to break the habit of laziness and start moving now!

Abuse of alcohol

You may have heard that drinking in moderation is good for your health, but the level of moderation increases as you get older. Perhaps the American Society of Geriatrics is very cautious in its recommendation (it limits a glass of alcoholic beverage per day for the man and half a glass for the woman). But excessive alcohol consumption causes cognitive impairment and contributes to falls. Also, keep in mind that alcohol may interact with some medications and absorption of nutrients.

 What habit could change your lifestyle that would impact on it? What can you start doing today?

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